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 E-Guitar CB-System (Centerblock)

Harrycaster CB MFT 105 TL HL

Harrycaster CB MFT 105 TL HL:

Electric Solidguitar with vintage-styled

Multifunction-Vibrato & Centerblockbody.

Showm left: “Tiger claw tremolo cavity”

Easy String-changing from topside for

Low-Pro-Tremolos (acousticcompatible)

Topload- & or Heelload-String Systems.

So Solids can save a lot of wood on

backside for a “more sounding body”.

Different types of vibratos are possible with Spring-System CB.

Option: Compatible for Multifunktion-System CRL

Backview: Shown with CRL-M15

Backview: One-piece Centerblockbody

for more sustain including spring cavity of

CB-Spring-System, shown with a

transparent cover.

Including Mulitfunction-System CRL-M 15

shown right in center of body (44mm).

CRL-Systems in different lenght also for other thickness of body.

Locking tuners for maximum tuning stability.

HH-GUITARS and HH-SYSTEMS combines Tremolo-Technologies & Multifunction-Posibilities & Centerblock-/Neck Through Technologies & Acoustic -Compatibility for finetuning- & vintage-styled instruments.

Various options:

String-Through-Block: Backload = BL  (Traditional for Solids)

String-Through-Bridge:  Topload = TL  (Acoustic compatible)

String-Through-Block:  Heelload = HL  (Acoustic compatible)

Multifunction-Tremolos without finetuning possible

Multifunction-Finetuning-Tremolos also possible

Frontview:  Forum CB MFT 105 TL HL

Multifunction-Vibrato: MFT 105 TL HL

Electric Solidguitar with Scale 628 mm.

Centerblockbody including

“tiger claw” spring cavity &

CB Spring-System for more sustain.

Frontview: Harrycaster CB FRT 500 MF


FRT 500 MF

Electric Solidguitar with Scale 25,5”,

Centerblockbody & CB Spring-System

Backview: Shown with CRL-R24

Backview: Shown right in center the

CB spring cavity including the replaceable

Multifunction-Version CRL-R. It need a

minnimum thickness of body = 48 mm

or by floating Tremolos        = 42 mm

Backview: Shown with CRL-M15

Backview: Shown right in center the

CB spring cavity with transparent cover,

including the “Minni”-Multifunction-Version

CRL-M. It need a minnimum thickness of

for more sustain.

body = 43 mm or by floating Trem = 37 mm

Frontview: Trelecaster CB FRT 500 MF

Backview: Shown with CRL M-15

Frontview: Trelecaster CB VT 108 TL

Backview: Shown without multifunktion

Frontview: Harrycaster CB VT 105 BL

Backview: Shown without multifunction


Siggi Braun - Fine Young Instruments including the option with HH-Multifunction-Hardwaresystems

Frontview: Siggi Braun “Blackbird”

Backview: Shown with CRL-R23