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Multifunction-Tremolo (vintage-styled)

Type No.:    MFT 105 TL HL

Low-Pro-Bending possible

only Lo-Bending possible

Fixed Bridge possible

Acoustic-Compatible with

CBSD- & TL- & or HL-System.


Heelload- & Topload- String-System of

Multifunktion-Tremolo MFT 105 TL HL

shown in “tiger claw tremolo cavity.

CBSD Spring-System & spring cavity

for acoustic and solid instruments

Backside of the Baseplate of the

Multifunction-Tremolo MFT 105 TL HL:

6 Floating-Screws or optional

6 Headless-Floating-Screws.

Including 6 Precision knife edge holes

Topload String-System TL

direct under the Intonation-Screws.

MFT 105 TL HL (string pitch10,5mm)

& ajustable “pop in” Tremoloarm.

Tremoloblocks of the vintage-styled           MFT 105 TL HL  are compatible for:        - Spring-System CB                                  - Spring-System CBSD (acoustic)             - Multifunction-System CRL-M                 - Multifunction-System CRL-R                For solid- & acoustic instruments including Topload- &/or Heelload- String-Systems.

Tremoloblock for CBSD Spring-System:   Standard height of Block = 36mm              (center 24mm)  compatible with                  CRL-Systems with 3 different functions:      Fixed-Bridge, Low-Bending or                   Low-Pro-Bending. For body-thickness       40mm to more than 100mm.                       Type No.:                                                  Block CBSD 36/24 CRL MFT-105 HL

MFT 105 TL HL & CB Spring-System

Tremoloblock for CB Spring-System:   Height of Block : 36-40mm /center24mm Block CB 36/24 CRL MFT 105      Block CB 40/24 CRL MFT 105        without multifunktion for solid instruments: Block CB 36 VT 105 (Body ~ 40-43mm) Block CB 40 VT 105 (Body ~44-53mm)

Tremoloblocks without multifunktion for Spring-Systems CB & CBSD also possible for nearly every kind of tremolo.

By ordering please tell type of tremolo and the thickness of the body to clear all options  for acoustic or solid guitars.


Type-No.:    FRT-500 MF

Low-Pro-Bending possible

only Lo-Bending possible

Fixed Bridge possible

Acoustic-Compatible with CBSD-System


CB-Spring System & spring cavity

for solid instruments.

CB-Spring System for solid instruments:

Tremoloblock optional compatible for

Multifunction-System CRL-M & CRL-R

NEW: Vibratos including multifunction

with adjustable screws to set up the

Standard 0°-Position.


Type No.:    FRT-500 MF

Shown in gold: With Tremoloblock for

CBSD-Spring-System. Standard height

of Block 34 mm (center 22 mm)

compatible with CRL-Systems with

3 diferent functions: Fixed Bridge,

Lo-Bending or Low-Pro-Bending.

Type No.:

Block CBSD 34/22 CRL FRT-500 MF

For all kinds of instruments

with minnimum thickness of body:

~ 40 mm - < 100 mm incl. tremolo cavity

~ 35 mm - < 100 mm by floating version

Shown at center in chrome: With               Tremoloblock for CBSD Spring-System:   (Standard height of Block = 34mm) for       acoustic- or solid instruments without         multifunktion, for Low-Pro-Bending.          Type-No.: Block CBSD 34 FRT-500

Shown at right in black: With Block for      CB Spring-System: Height of Block =        34mm / 36mm / 38mm / 40mm for solid     instruments without multifunktion,               for Low-Pro-Bending:                               Type-No.: Block CB 34 (for 38mm Body) Type-No.: Block CB 36 (for 40mm Body) Type-No.: Block CB 38 (for 42mm Body) Type-No.: Block CB 40 (for 44mm Body)

Not shown on picture: Block for solid        instruments with CB Spring-System &       Multifunction-Systems CRL Type-No.:      Block CB 34/22 CRL FRT-500 MF         Block CB 36/22 CRL FRT-500 MF         Block CB 38/22 CRL FRT-500 MF         Block CB 40/22 CRL FRT-500 MF 

Special-Tremoloblocks for other                Finetuning-Systems also possible.            

Cylinder Reset & Lock System: CRL

Shown in front: CRL-M (= Minni-Version) in different length for instrument-thickness 43mm ...49mm (or more).

 CRL-R (= Replaceable Version) in different lenght for instrument-thickness 48mm ...78mm (and more).

Acoustic guitars need the CBSD System (spring detour),because the springpower is fine adjustable from outside (heelside). Other systems adjust springpower from the back side (solidguitars), but in every acoustic guitar it isn`t the outside. The free flying acoustic back should not have any routings. So, how can you adjust the springpower? - No possibility. That`s the reason why normal tremolosystems do not work in acoustic guitars.

Hardware-Set of the acoustic compatible CBSD Spring-System (24 pc.),      (without tremolo) for vintage-styled           6 Hole-Tremolos (Vibratos)

Hardware-Set of the acoustic compatible CBSD Spring-System (26 pc.),     (without tremolo) for 2-Point knife edge tremolos. Including adjustability of baseplate- high .